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10 Solo Female Travel Tips and Stories

1. Be alert, but not close-minded

Solo Female Traveler

Trust me, I understand paranoia. I know what it’s like to have your thoughts spiral out of control and truly believe that you are going to be robbed or taken. I also know what it’s like to miss out on amazing experiences because of this paranoia. Yes, as a solo female traveler, you need to stay constantly alert and vigilant. But that doesn’t mean avoiding every person you come across! Sit with your fear for a few minutes and try to understand where it is coming from. If you need to take a step back, do it. But then jump back into the world and live your best solo travel dreams! 

2. Birthday With the Huskies

Go Dog Sledding in Norway with the huskies

Have you been considering a solo female travel trip? Need a little push to finally book that flight? Look no further! Check out this inspiring story about a solo female traveler and her experience in Norway on her twenty-first birthday!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

There have been so many times where I have walked in circles in a new location or held back from a new interest because I was confused. My hesitation with asking for help was that I did not want to look like that stupid, blonde, American solo female traveler with no knowledge of different cultures. But you know what? Who cares! Be open and honest about your confusion and ask for help! I have been pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of strangers abroad.

4. You will get lonely. But that’s the point!

Solo Female Traveler

Loneliness is inevitable when you are traveling by yourself. As a solo female traveler, you are destined to have those moments of anxiety. Here is my advice: learn how to wallow without feeling guilty.

It’s okay to skip your tour one day and sit in your hostel bed with ice cream and Netflix. It’s okay to take a day and sleep in until noon. It’s okay to call your mom and cry on the phone for hours! It’s your trip and no one else’s. If you need to wallow and refuel, then just do it!

Loneliness is a delicate emotion. I’ve learned the most about myself when I was in an unfamiliar country alone. But I gave myself the love I needed, the time to refuel, and ended up pushing through the anxiety. As a result, I felt stronger and proud of what I had gone through. Just remember, the museums, tours, and excursions will still be there the next day! Sometimes you need to put yourself first.

5. Harriet’s India Obsession

I am going to be honest with you. India would not be my top country to visit as a solo female traveler. I can only imagine the culture shock that I would enter the second I stepped off that airplane! But you know what? I’m not half as cool as Harriet. I met Harriet in Holland Park in London and her story about traveling India as a solo female traveler may have just changed my mind!

6. Annie Writes a Book


This solo female travel story is pure inspiration for your next adventure! Annie traveled across the world for insight on her novel. What she discovered abroad is pure magic! Read here!

7. The Bratislava Experience

Not all solo female travel experiences go according to plan. If you think you’re having a bad day, just read this story! It will make you feel so much better. Despite the absolute worst solo female travel journey of my life, I am still looking forward to my next trip. Find out what happened here!

8. Have an solo female travel emergency fund!

Honestly, just do it. Refer to #7 for a great example of why. Crap happens when you least expect it! When you are traveling solo, you don’t want to be left in a vulnerable situation. Saving a few extra hundred dollars for your solo female travel trip could be your savior!

9. Lyn and Fin Travel Ireland

Ireland Travel Tales of Travelers Blog

This is hands-down one of my favorite stories I have had the privilege of hearing! It’s a beautiful tale of a solo female traveler who travels to Ireland and makes a life-changing friendship. Lyn and Fin Travel Ireland is the type of story that will leave you with tears and an empty bank account (so many plane flights!).

10. Put yourself out there!

Solo Female Traveler

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there! As a solo female traveler, I have met incredible people around the world that have changed my experiences. Sparking a conversation at a bar could be the start of a new lifelong friendship. I know that it’s a terrifying thought for many people, including myself. But it gets easier the more you practice! Even if the conversation leads nowhere, put yourself back out there and show off your solo female travel bravery!

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    Great tips! I love the photos from Budapest, I was there last spring and loved the city.

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