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A Weekend in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is hands down one of my favorite places in the world. I spent many summers frolicking around the mountains and lake there without a care in the world. It continues to be a location that I crave, so whenever I am in California, you bet I spend a weekend in South Lake Tahoe. My boyfriend and I drove up to South Lake Tahoe early one Saturday morning with plans of adventuring outdoors the entire weekend. Unfortunately, it snowed ...

Oxford Day Trip

If you’re looking for a quick day trip out of London, I highly recommend Oxford! My sister and her husband recently came to visit me in London for the four day Easter weekend. Our weekend was jam packed, but we wanted to squeeze in a day trip somewhere outside of the city. I had been to Oxford once before on a solo adventure. So, I thought it would be awesome to return to the cute, college town with some company. We scheduled in the Oxford ...

The Amsterdam Experience

Amsterdam is like Disneyland. I don’t mean that there are rides and Disney characters everywhere. Although, if you find a good enough coffee shop I’m sure they could make that happen.  I mean that the city itself felt like a dream. I have been dying to visit Amsterdam ever since I moved to Europe, but this was a place I did not want to go on my own. Everyone that told me about their experience in Amsterdam shared that it would be much ...

The Bratislava Experience

About a month ago, the family I work for told me they would be leaving for a week to Canada and I could take that time off. I immediately grabbed my phone and started typing in Budapest has been very high on my bucketlist since I arrived in Europe, and this was the perfect opportunity to check the city off of my list! Since I had a week off, I decided to visit another close by city as well: Bratislava, Slovakia. I booked the ...

The French Alps

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My job as a nanny comes with a lot of perks. One of the recent perks was the opportunity to travel to the French Alps for a week with the family I work for. Yes, I would be working, but hey, I’d much rather spend a week working in Val D’Isere than in London! When I first heard about the holiday, my initial thought was that this would be the perfect opportunity to meet others abroad and hear more stories for my ...

The Origin of the Sign

There has been an idea developing in my mind for about half a year now. The original idea was to start a blog about the travelers I meet around the world. This was a simple idea where I would travel to super cool locations and have the guts to talk to the strangers staying at the same hostels or eating at the same restaurants and hear all about their amazing journeys. The longer the idea sat in my mind, the more it developed. I didn’t want ...