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Tales of Travel Bloggers

Tales of Travel Bloggers

10 Solo Female Travel Tips and Stories

1. Be alert, but not close-minded Trust me, I understand paranoia. I know what it’s like to have your thoughts spiral out of control and truly believe that you are going to be robbed or taken. I also know what it’s like to miss out on amazing experiences because of this paranoia. Yes, as a solo female traveler, you need to stay constantly alert and vigilant. But that doesn’t mean avoiding every person you come across! Sit with your fear for ...
Tales of Travel Bloggers

8 Stories That Will Make you Want to Travel RIGHT NOW

Sometimes, the travel bug bites and we are unable to pack up and leave. Here are some inspirational travel stories from wanderlust enthusiasts to help you along the tough times. Close your eyes (after you read the stories, of course) and pretend you are there! The Stories: 1.The Origin of the Sign – Read about the travel blogger that sits in new countries holding up a sign! Would you be brave enough to ask strangers to tell you a story? 2. ...
Tales of Travel Bloggers

Lost in London

Since I love sharing travel stories, I thought I would change things up a bit and tell a story of my own. This one is a classic! Some of you may have heard it before since it was one of my first posts on my previous (failed) blogging attempt. This is the story of the first time I attempted to use the Overground train in London. It was about a week after I had moved over the pond. Travel Joy Hostel had turned into a second home in London. As ...
Tales of Travel Bloggers

Lyn and Fin Travel Ireland

By this point in my blog, you should know that I love sharing travel stories. One day, as I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon a post of only words. So, obviously I read it. The author of this post is a good friend of mine here in London, Lyn. Lyn has a beautiful soul full of wanderlust and adventure, so I knew whatever this post was, it was going to be good. I hope this tale of travel in Ireland inspires and moves ...