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5 Alternative Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

This article on alternative canal cruises in Amsterdam is inspired by a recent trip to San Francisco. As I was holding up my Sign in Mission Dolores, San Francisco, I noticed a familiar face walking towards me. Up walks one of my good friends from high school that I have not seen in years! Can you say coincidence? She was visiting San Francisco and happened to be having a great day. Which in other words mean she had a good amount of mimosas ...

The Most Memorable Canal Trip

As you read in The Amsterdam Experience, my boyfriend and I cruised the canals of Amsterdam on an Airbnb Canal Boat Experience. I told you the stories of stray dogs in Greece and huskies in Norway. And to end the stories from Amsterdam, I’d like to tell you a story told by our amazing tour guide: Sjoerd. Sjoerd guided the boats along the canals while telling us incredible details about Amsterdam. And he only crashed into a police boat once! ...