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5 Alternative Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

This article on alternative canal cruises in Amsterdam is inspired by a recent trip to San Francisco. As I was holding up my Sign in Mission Dolores, San Francisco, I noticed a familiar face walking towards me. Up walks one of my good friends from high school that I have not seen in years! Can you say coincidence? She was visiting San Francisco and happened to be having a great day. Which in other words mean she had a good amount of mimosas ...

Tips for Traveling Abroad For the First Time

On my recent adventure to Mission Dolores in San Francisco, I heard a story that brought on a new kind of anxiety. But before I get into a few tips for traveling abroad for the first time, I’d like to give you the back story of what inspired me to write this blog post. I love to travel with my Sign and hear stories from strangers that I meet abroad. If you haven’t read about how freaking awesome Mission Dolores Park is, I highly recommend ...

Mission Dolores San Francisco

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t believe that this is your life and your cheekbones hurt from smiling so hard? That describes my last day in Mission Dolores San Francisco. The sun was shining and the people of the city were out living their best lives and marching to their own drums. I truly believe there is no city as unique and extraordinary than San Francisco. Which is why I was on a mission to hold up my sign and meet ...

Lake Tahoe with Jonny Mac

The man referred to in my previous blog post is named Jonny Mac. He was the bartender at The Boathouse on the Pier with the deep, raspy voice that mesmerized me. I was sure he would have a good story because what bartender doesn’t? Especially in South Lake Tahoe! Jonny Mac wasn’t convinced he had a story to tell, but I was determined to learn more about him. Are you ready to hear what I learned? Jonny Mac was originally from Cincinnati, ...
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Lyn and Fin Travel Ireland

By this point in my blog, you should know that I love sharing travel stories. One day, as I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon a post of only words. So, obviously I read it. The author of this post is a good friend of mine here in London, Lyn. Lyn has a beautiful soul full of wanderlust and adventure, so I knew whatever this post was, it was going to be good. I hope this tale of travel in Ireland inspires and moves ...

The Most Memorable Canal Trip

As you read in The Amsterdam Experience, my boyfriend and I cruised the canals of Amsterdam on an Airbnb Canal Boat Experience. I told you the stories of stray dogs in Greece and huskies in Norway. And to end the stories from Amsterdam, I’d like to tell you a story told by our amazing tour guide: Sjoerd. Sjoerd guided the boats along the canals while telling us incredible details about Amsterdam. And he only crashed into a police boat once! ...

Birthday with the Huskies

The second story I heard in Amsterdam was, again, told by one of the sisters. But it was too good not to write about! Now, I can’t remember if this sister was Madeline or Sydney…so, we will just say it was Sydney. Sydney told me the story about her twenty-first birthday, and it also had to do with dogs! This time, the dogs were the Norway huskies. If you remember from my Follow the Dog post, Sydney and her sister were from the west coast ...

Harriet’s India Obsession

This next story was told with so much liveliness and energy that it might be one of my new favorites. As I was sitting in Holland Park, a group of friends walked by and caught site of my sign. Two of them stayed behind to see what the deal with the sign was while the rest continued on. The woman, who’s name is Harriet, mentioned that she had just returned from India three days earlier and I immediately wanted to know more. The questions ...