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Jonathan Tells the First Story

Here it is: the first story I heard from holding up the sign in Holland Park! So, as you read in the post about “The Sign”, this was the first story that any stranger had ever told me for my blog. As I was sitting there awkwardly with my sign, two guys walked past and did a double take. One of them nudged the other and told him to tell us a story! This was so exciting for me I nearly peed. The two of them walked over and we gave a quick ...

Siyad’s Love Story

 Have you ever had a horrible Uber experience? Where you cannot understand the driver and they keep talking and you just want them to shut up and leave you in peace? Well, I experienced the complete opposite in my recent ride home from work. My Uber driver was HYSTERICAL! I seriously almost peed my pants from laughing. But I knew peeing on the seat would result in a huge fee from Uber, so I held it in. Our conversation started with the ...