Who Am I?

Travel. Listen. Connect.

My name is Caro Liemola and I’m a California girl with the love of travel coursing through my blood. I was raised by a Peruvian mother and a Finnish father who have always supported my journeys. After graduating from university, I embarked on the biggest adventure of my life. I moved abroad to London with zero friends, zero job, and zero money. London led me to nannying, which has provided me with enough flexibility to create and to follow my new dreams. I continue to crave new experiences in travel and find inspiration through the connections I make along the way. I cannot wait to share these stories on Tales of Travelers!

So, the goal of this blog is to provide you with the incredible stories of people I meet from around the world in hopes of inspiring you to not only continue to travel, but to listen and connect with the world around you. I want the happy, sad, inspirational, life changing, funny, and mysterious stories that remind you to enjoy the life you’ve been given.

Along with the stories, I will also be documenting my experiences in each destination. My plan is to bring my “Tell me a story, please” sign around the world and hear stories from travelers I normally would not meet. This is such an exciting and terrifying process and I’m anxious, yet excited to open up about these experiences with you!

Want to start from The Beginning? Or are you ready to jump right in and hear The Stories? Have any questions about how to Contact Me? Whichever way, I am so ready to get these stories out into the world and am excited that you will be joining me on my journey!