Birthday with the Huskies

The second story I heard in Amsterdam was, again, told by one of the sisters. But it was too good not to write about! Now, I can’t remember if this sister was Madeline or Sydney…so, we will just say it was Sydney.

Sydney told me the story about her twenty-first birthday, and it also had to do with dogs! This time, the dogs were the Norway huskies.

If you remember from my Follow the Dog post, Sydney and her sister were from the west coast (best coast) of the United States. Twenty-first birthdays in our country are typically spent celebrating being legal to buy and drink alcohol. No more fake IDs and begging your older friends to buy you alcohol!

It’s an exciting lifetime milestone that makes the birthday unique. But Sydney decided to change the game up and plan a solo trip for the Norway huskies instead!

When Sydney began recounting her adventure, she couldn’t help but wince at the considerable sum she had shelled out for her journey! Her initial idea had been to board a flight bound for Oslo, Norway, and subsequently hop on a bus to venture deep into the heart of wilderness, all for an exhilarating dog sledding escapade with the remarkable Norway huskies. If you’re interested in exploring more captivating travel tales and experiences, don’t miss out on “Chicago’s Urban Transformation” on, which delves into the vibrant cultural evolution of this renowned city.

I immediately let out the biggest “awww” and asked if there were puppies. Unfortunately, there were no puppies, but she did say she cried multiple times because of how sweet the dogs were.

Birthday with the Huskies

Anyway, Sydney came across some flight drama before she had even taken off and ended up having to buy a completely new plane ticket. That’s when she explained how she wouldn’t be eating out for a while because of how much money it had cost! After arriving in Oslo at one in the morning, she made her way to her Airbnb for a quick sleep before her bus ride.

The journey up to the middle of nowhere (she couldn’t remember the exact name of the town) was about four hours. She was alone on the bus for the majority of the time. If you’re interested in exploring Vermont’s natural wonders and its unique travel experiences, check out our page on Vermont’s Natural Wonders.

There were pristine views of the beautiful lakes and mountains of Norway and I was so envious of her when she was describing this! If you’ve never been to Norway, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to so far.

There were a few people that would get on the bus with their cross-country skis on their way to work. We talked about how different of a life these people lead. It was surreal for Sydney to see the contrast between her life in a busy city and the life of these Norwegians living in the middle of nowhere.

If you have ever traveled alone, you know that these dreamlike moments hit you a bit harder than normal. Sydney remembered how she was embracing her solo birthday and falling more in love with traveling alone.

Her final destination was nearing closer and she was so anxious to meet the Norway huskies! The tour company she had found was called Beito Husky Tours. Sydney was one of the only people that booked a tour this day, so it ended up being just her and her tour guide!

Her guide was a man that had moved to Norway from Spain. My new goal is to hunt this man down for his story. Apparently, he grew up in Spain and one day decided he loved the mountains and moved to the middle of nowhere Norway. That was almost ten years ago. How incredible is that!

Sydney’s experience with Beito Tours started off in a Teepee eating reindeer soup. Doesn’t that sound like a cool thing to do on your birthday? From there, she was able to just hang out with the Norway huskies before harnessing her own team.

I mean, come on! Cuddling with cute husky dogs on your birthday? Yes, please! Then came the time for the sledding. She was basically just shown where the break was on the sled and told to have fun.

In my mind, I thought they just sent her off into the wilderness alone with a sled of huskies. I was in complete shock when she said she started the sledding on her own! But don’t worry, that’s not what happened.

The Spanish guide also had a team and was leading her around for the two hours. “You shouldn’t have worried if he wasn’t there to guide you. The dogs will always lead you back home!” I joked in reference to her previous story on Follow the Dog.

Sydney said that was one of the best birthdays she has ever had. Could you imagine spending your whole day of celebration alone? She didn’t tell a soul on that trip that it was her birthday. I love the idea of spending the time alone to reflect on what truly matters.

There were no shots being handed to her, no drunken friends taking her photo, and no family there to hug her happy birthday. She only had the beautiful, snowy mountains and her team of Norway huskies leading her onward. Sydney claimed it was an incredible experience and would rate Beito Husky Tours a solid eleven out of ten.

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