5 Alternative Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

This article on alternative canal cruises in Amsterdam is inspired by a recent trip to San Francisco. As I was holding up my Sign in Mission Dolores, San Francisco, I noticed a familiar face walking towards me. Up walks one of my good friends from high school that I have not seen in years! Can you say coincidence? She was visiting San Francisco and happened to be having a great day. Which in other words mean she had a good amount of mimosas before bumping into me at the park!

After both freaking out about randomly running into each other, she commented on my sign. I gave her the background of what I was doing and asked if she had any travel stories she would like to tell. It turns out she had a great story. Here is the story that inspired this post about alternative canal cruises in Amsterdam:

Alternative Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

The story starts out with one of my favorite lines, “I don’t know if this is appropriate.” I almost shouted at her to tell me more and to tell me now! I had let her know that the previous story I heard was about a girl abroad who tried to buy drugs online (Tips for Traveling Abroad for the First Time). “Okay, okay. I’ll tell it,” she said. During her study abroad year in the Netherlands, she went to visit a friend in Amsterdam. There was talk about doing a canal cruise and sipping tea. Sounds very fun and classy doesn’t it?

Well, it turns out that her friend left out the part where it was marijuana tea. Obviously, she figured out what was going on once she tasted the super strong tea. The boat cruised along the Amsterdam canals and the tea sipping continued. Once it was time to depart, she realized walking was a little more difficult than before. This next line was my favorite: “I don’t know if you’ve ever gone on a boat, but there is a ramp you’re supposed to walk off of…” Now let’s think. Marijuana tea and walking off of a boat. What do you think could happen?

Yes, she fell off the ramp and into the Amsterdam canal. The story ended with this, “I can’t really swim as is. I was trying to doggy paddle and they were all trying to fish me out. I blame my friend one hundred percent.”

So, if you are looking for a memorable time in Amsterdam, look no further. I’ve found the top 5 alternative canal cruises in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

Romantic Dinner Cruise with Amsterdam Jewel Cruises:

Alternative Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Are you hoping for a romantic night with your partner in Amsterdam? This Amsterdam canal cruise is a sailing restaurant that serves great food in a romantic candlelit setting. It does not get much better than cruising the Amsterdam canals in the evening while sipping on some wine!

These cruises leave at 7:30 in the evenings and last about 2 hours and 45 minutes. There are a variety of dinner ticket prices and you can check out which better suits your date night requirements HERE. You will need to book in advance, so make sure you check out the calendar beforehand and plan accordingly!

Book here:

Unlimited Pancake Boat:

Alternative Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

I mean, unlimited pancakes would be amazing alone. Unlimited pancakes on an Amsterdam canal cruise would be my personal heaven! And it is true; you can have unlimited pancakes for 75 minutes on this canal cruise! I’m kicking myself for not knowing about this option when I was traveling Amsterdam. This could be the perfect way to see the Amsterdam canals if you are traveling with children. There is a huge play area for the younger ones to enjoy while you are eating to your heart’s content.

The pancake buffet includes as many natural, apple, or bacon pancakes as you’d like. You can top them up with their wide selections of toppings such as jams, fruits, hams, cheeses, and many more! It is recommended that you book your tickets online HERE. There are multiple trips throughout the day as well as different ticket price options, so choose a time when your stomach is empty!

Book here:

Stromma Highlight Cruise:

I would recommend choosing a quick one-hour Amsterdam canal cruise if you are limited on time in the city. Stromma offers a canal cruise that highlights the most beautiful sights, bridges, and canal houses in Amsterdam all within one hour! This includes sailing by the famous Anne Frank house and the Westerkerk. The prices are very cheap and include a €2 discount if you book online in advance! Check out their website HERE to see the timetable and make your reservation!

Book here:

The Classic Hop On- Hop Off Tour:

There are many perks to booking a Hop On- Hop Off bus or boat tour. One of these perks is that you are able to access the bus or boat at any time within 24 or 48 hours of booking. It’s a great way to get around the city without having to pay for public transportation. And it includes a guided headset tour so you can learn about all of the sites you pass!

There are different options you can choose. If you want to book am Amsterdam canal cruise and a bus, you are more than welcome to! They also give you the option to book for either 24 hours of 48 hours as well as discounted tickets for other attractions in the city. Take your pick and hop on over to the website to book!

Book here:

Stroma Pizza Cruise:

Alternative Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

I truly believe that you cannot go wrong with this option. This hour and a half cruise around the Amsterdam canals will provide you with free flowing drinks (beer, wine, and soft drinks), followed by a delicious pizza, and ending with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The canal cruise is guided by live tour guide so that you don’t miss out on any of the sites of Amsterdam! If you book online, you receive a 2 Euro discount. Make sure that you check the timetable before our trip as they are likely to sell out. Happy pizza cruising!

Book here:

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