8 Stories That Will Make you Want to Travel RIGHT NOW

Sometimes, the travel bug bites and we are unable to pack up and leave. Here are some inspirational travel stories from wanderlust enthusiasts to help you along the tough times. Close your eyes (after you read the stories, of course) and pretend you are there!

8 Stories That Will Make you Want to Travel RIGHT NOW

The Stories:

1.The Origin of the Sign – Read about the travel blogger that sits in new countries holding up a sign! Would you be brave enough to ask strangers to tell you a story?

2. Birthday with the Huskies – Have you ever spent a birthday alone? How about alone and in the middle of nowhere Norway? WITH HUSKIES?! Check out this story for inspiration on your next solo travel adventure!

3. My Mother’s Search for Answers – This story is unique and will make you want to board a plane as soon as possible to find out more about your family history. Also, it is a perfect read if you are obsessed with Italy!

4. Lyn and Fin Travel Ireland – This is another great solo female travel story! The pure kindness of strangers never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. Read if you want to cry of happiness!

5. Harriet’s India Obsession – Is anyone else obsessed with Asia but has yet to travel there? No? Okay. Either way, this story will bring a smile to your face and have you searching for cheap flights!

6. Siyad’s Love Story – Who doesn’t love a good travel love story? Click here to read about two world’s colliding and merging into one happily ever after.

7. Annie Writes a Book – Traveling and blogging about it is one thing. Traveling and writing a book about it is a completely different ball game! Check out this story of the girl who hunts for her family’s truth.

8. When Bec Met Ketut – Last but DEFINITELY not least, a real-life Eat, Pray, Love story. Remember Ketut from the movie? The old, wise man from Bali? Read this tale if you want to hear what he is like in real life!

Do you have an inspirational travel story you would love to share? I am constantly on the look out for new tales to write about! Contact me for a chance to get featured!

Happy traveling!

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