Oxford Day Trip

If you’re looking for a quick day trip out of London, I highly recommend Oxford! My sister and her husband recently came to visit me in London for the four day Easter weekend. Our weekend was jam packed, but we wanted to squeeze in a day trip somewhere outside of the city. I had been to Oxford once before on a solo adventure. So, I thought it would be awesome to return to the cute, college town with some company. We scheduled in the Oxford day trip for the end of the weekend and I could not wait to go hunting for some new travel tales!

First on our Oxford day trip agenda was a tour of the city. Now, there are loads of options when picking a tour. My personal favorite choice is always the walking tours! You can find plenty of free walking tours all around Europe through a variety of companies. I did some research on which tour to choose in Oxford and decided on the 2- Hour Free Walking Tour by Footprints Tours. Why? Well, let me tell you!

Footprints 2-Hour Free Walking Tour:

Footprints Tours are run by students from Oxford University. The tour guides are able to give you first hand knowledge into the city of Oxford. It was so incredible to hear about the history of the colleges and know the actual fun places to eat and drink. And it turns out the tour guides have great stories! More of that to come.

Another reason why we chose Footprints Tours was because of their reputation. I heard about them through a few friends that are big on travel, so I knew the tour would be informational. We researched their website and read a few more online reviews and it turned out everyone had the same opinion! So we thought, “Why not?” It was the best tour we found during our research for our Oxford day trip so we ended up booking it.

Not only did the tour provide incredible information about the city of Oxford, but it was also so much fun! I learned so many fun facts about the city. The tour lasted a little over two hours and we received some awesome recommendations for where to eat lunch and hang out for the rest of the day.

The search for a story:

During the tour, I had a brilliant thought. Our tour guide went to university at Oxford and seemed to have some incredible stories. I whispered to my sister and her husband, “I’m going to ask her to tell me a story after this.” So, once the tour was over, we hung around and waited for the final questions to be answered. I made my way to the front and said, “Tell me a story, please!”

Just kidding. I didn’t just bluntly say that. I started with the background of my blog and let her know why I was asking for yet another story. But let me tell you, her story was awesome! It put a smile on all of our faces.

Stay tuned to read about how she ended up in Oxford and how it completely changed her life!

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